It is my great pleasure to recommend Jordan Horn and his estate sale and Realtor services. My situation was a bit unusual. I live in southern California and was the executor/trustee for an estate in Auburn, California. It was my responsibility to liquidate the assets which included the entire contents of a large home and then the sale of that same home and it had to be handled primarily at a distance. I contacted several estate liquidation companies in the northern California/Sacramento area without success. It was my good fortune to contact Jordan Horn! He was willing to go to Auburn from Sacramento and has made the entire process so smooth and easy. We communicated regularly from my home in southern California and he was always prompt and thorough with his responses and information. He inventoried, organized and staged the contents of a large home into a very successful estate sale. Because I do not live in the area, he handled all aspects of the sale, disposing of the remaining items and the cleaning of the home. He was efficient, quick and professional in his list of items sold and not sold. The percentage he received was extremely fair, especially considering the amount of time and effort he spent. He graciously arranged his schedule to meet with me when I was able to travel to Auburn. Jordan has handled every aspect, including the sale of the home, with prompt professionalism. He is also a complete pleasure to work with. He is calm, helpful, kind and pleasant. He helped me handle a very sad, difficult and complicated situation without any trouble and made it all a smooth and easy experience. Please be confident in hiring him as your estate liquidator and Realtor you will be pleased and satisfied with each detail of the agreement.
Margaret F.

My Brother and I were very happy with the Services provided by Jordan Horn "The Estate Sale Guy". After trying to sell some things on our own and not having much luck we decided to hire a professional. We interviewed several Sacramento Estate Sales professionals and were starting to get discouraged. We were very happy when we met Jordan Horn. He was honest, up front, and didn't just tell us what we wanted to hear (like most people we talked to). We were able to get a reasonable estimate of what things were worth and what range items were most likely to sell in. Jordan not only found us a nice location to have our Estate Sale (we were going to use our backyard), but he itemized, sorted, labeled, and priced everything (Two large U-haul trucks full). He also placed advertisements, selected great locations for signs, and had us over prior to the estate sale to get our approval on asking prices and to get minimum acceptable amounts for specific items. In addition to all the work involved in the estate sale Jordan did not sell items just to sell them, he turned down low offers and held on to several antiques and some rock and roll memorabilia, and took them out of town to get a higher price than our local market was going to fetch. He also negotiated a bulk purchase for everything that didn't sell at the estate sale. Even after everything was said and done with the estate sale Jordan e-mailed me some information regarding an item we decided to keep just so we knew the history behind the item. Initially the main reason we tried to sell things on our own was to avoid paying the fees and percentages that professionals charge, but after trying on our own and seeing all the time and work that went into the estate sale we feel that we got a real bargain for the percentage Jordan charged. Jordan is a real "stand up guy", he was worth every penny and made everything easy in our time of crisis!!!
Geoff and Greg G.

I moved to Sacramento from Chicago without know anyone. I was introduced to Jordan Horn by a mutual friend who used to live here in Sacramento. I knew that once I was settled into my apartment I need to start looking for a house to buy ASAP! I was not sure at that time if I wanted to buy a single family residence or a multi unit residential income property. Jordan spent many hours, days, weeks, and even months helping look at all of the above. I was actually surprised he stuck around for so long and continued showing me properties. I think he thought I was giving him the run around. After about four months of searching for that right property we put in an offer on a beautiful home in Roseville Ca. Every step of the way Jordan was there to make sure it all went smoothly. Within 45 days of acceptance of our offer I was moved in and enjoying my beautiful new home. I am so glad I was introduced to Jordan, and he was able to help me find my dream home! I am now in the process of using Jordanís Realtor services again to find that multi unit residential income property. Hire Jordan Horn with confidence you wonít be let down.
Angela J.