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From Estate Liquidation to Selling your Home, we do it all.

Marketing Your Estate Sale:
At Estate Sale Guy we have an email list of over 5,000 people that grows with each estate sale we conduct. We advertise on various websites ( & and tap into their extensive email list, as well as placing ads in your local newspaper publications. We use bright pink laminated signage that is very easy to read that directs the general public to your estate sale (we take all of our signs down after the estate sale). We notify the local antique and vintage markets of your estate sale and hang flyers on their current events bulletin boards. We will do anything we can to get your estate sale the most traffic possible.
When shopping for an Estate Liquidator and Real Estate Professional, pleave verify that they have proper insurance. We offer $5mm of Real Estate Errors and Ommissions Insurance and $2mm in Estate Liquidation Liability insurance. Make sure you are getting the proper coverage and protection you deserve!
Inventory and Accounting:
Prior to your estate sale we make an inventory list. We list all the major items throughout the house. At the end of your estate sale you will get full details on the items sold. You then receive a cashiers check for your percentage of the estate sales profits.
Real Estate Services:
If you are thinking about selling the home or investment property I can help you with that. I am a Realtor with Coldwell Banker here in Sacramento and have actively been buying and selling for over half a decade. An estate sale is the largest open house you will ever have for the sale of your home and has led to many home sales in the past. If you arenít going to sell and would like to rent your home, please have a flyer with the general information so we can pass it out to prospective renters on your behalf during the estate sale.
About Jordan Horn:
I have been in the estate sales and estate liquidation business all of my life. My grandmother was a high end estate liquidator and fine art-antiquity broker on the peninsula (Carmel, Pebble Beach, Monterey). After my mothers four kids were in school full time she took up the old family business and it took off. She has been in business for nearly 30 years (I have learned from the best). We say that we are ďFriendly Competitors and if it isnít fun it isnít worth doingĒ. In my early 20ís I decided that I would give the estate sale business a shot on my own and branch off from mom. Every since business has been growing, in 2013 we conducted 38 full estate sales, and in 2014 we conducted 43 full estate sales. I have established relationships with a number of higher end auction houses and get a discounted rate on items consigned. I am young, ambitious, and full of energy, work is my life and I LOVE what I do because I am helping people regularly while always being in a new place, with new things, and new people, it is constantly evolving and revolving and keeps me on my toes and wanting to learn and do more!
FREE On Site No Obligation Consultation:
We offer FREE on site no obligation consultations. If any other estate liquidator or estate sale specialist tries charging you for a consultation run the other way! This is and should be a free consultation service provide by the estate liquidator or estate sale specialist.
Donít Throw Away Policies:
You will be very surprised what people will pay you to haul away. So please do not throw anything away. We will designate what is garbage and what is sellable. The more we sell the more money you make.
We Sell It All:
We sell anything and everything from high end antiques, fine art, cars, boats, planes, motorcycles, houses, estate jewelry, warehouses full of tools and lumber, normal household items, electronics, specialty items, collections, Native American items, rugs, fine Asian, patio furniture, the rocks and plants out of yard if you want. These are all things we have sold in the past.
Clean Out After The Estate Sale:
After the estate sale we have a few different avenues to help you clear what is left and empty the house if that is needed.
Estate Sale Hours of Operation:
Our average sale is three Ė four days. Usually Thursday or Friday through Sunday 9:00 am Ė 4:00 pm each day rain or shine. If your estate sale needs two weekends we can and have done that.
I can provide a list of references upon request. I have reference from real estate, estate sale Ė estate liquidation, and shopping clientele.
Everything is on a first-come, first-serve basis. All sales are final. We respect everyone in order to remain as Sacramento's premier estate liquidation company. However, we will not be walked on top of. If you are causing a scene you will be kindly asked to leave, we want everyone to have a nice time. We do not sell anything for less than a dollar. We are not here to compete with the local dollar store, thrift store, or flea market. We run a higher end estate liquidation business and would like to remain on that level.
It seems to me that reviews are a popularity contest. I have fantastic references from clients I have done business with both on the estate sale and real estate side of things. I will actually give you their names and phone numbers upon request and you can talk to them directly. In general people donít realize that we are there for a short amount of time to sell what the family needs sold for as much as possible (this is why I am hired). We have to stick firm in order to make the family and ourselves any money. There is a lot of time and work getting these estate sales put together and the overhead can be large. In order to stay in business I must sell items for higher prices to satisfy my clients needs and my overhead. It is a business and people tent to forget that. I tend to take some of the nicer estate sales in the area. On average my estate sales tend to be one of the better going that weekend. My sales are always cleaned, well organized, priced, researched, open on time, well advertised, and we try to keep order with the masses that come to these estate sales. I am a firm believer that if you donít want to buy it you donít have to, no one is forcing you to. So please donít come tell me I am over priced if you donít want to spend the money. Please keep in mind that families often will put minimums on certain items in the homes. This mean the prices may be higher and the item may not sell but that is at the request of my client the seller.